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City Park Playground

4 Aug

I have to admit, I have driven by this park countless times since it has been renovated and thought it would be really fun for the girls but because of it’s location I was unsure about visiting. After realizing how short of a walk it was from the band shell and the summer concert series I decided to walk down before one of the concerts.

Location:  City Park- Hill Rd & Constitution Way, Reading, PA 19602. It is also accessible from N.11th street.


  • The playground is close to many walking and parking options and is also near the band shell and basketball courts that are in City Park.
  • There are paved trails leading into the playground and throughout the park. The only difficulty I encountered was with the steep walk back to the band shell after we were done playing at the playground !
  • Under the play equipment is that foam, soft play surface ( I don’t know the official name for it).



City Park Playground is really a great place to play !

  • The play equipment is built more horizontally rather then vertically, which is a great relief to many parents with toddlers. I really feel as though even if my toddler mistook an opening for a slide and fell she would not have been badly hurt, unlike many other playgrounds we visit where the fall would be close to 6 or 7ft high !
  • There is also a large,spider web type climbing area and a handful of baby and full size swings.
  • The Playground has a few benches and some other places to sit with a small covered area towards the back.
  • I did not see a public bathroom or a portable bathroom.


Ages: This Playground would be good for “cruisers” on up, because of horizontal build it does make it a great place to learn for younger ones. The climbing, spider web area is defiantly meant for 2+ and even at 2 you would really have to help them !

I would defiantly recommend this park as a great activity before another event at the band shell or in the City of Reading


Kids Castle – Central Park

17 Jul

Being that my parents live on the border of Bucks and Montgomery counties we frequently find ourselves making some park stops in these areas. While I know this park is not in Berks county, I also know that many parents find themselves in surrounding counties with their children.

Location: 425 Wells Road Doylestown, PA 18901 ~ The first time we visited I thought that we were lost, the roads can be somewhat twisty and turny. When you first pull in you will see a parking lot and a smaller playground with the castle in the distance.


Accessibility: Strollers, wagons, bikes pretty much anything with wheels. The walking path is paved and you can even get your stroller into the kids castle area so that all of your things are nearby.

Amenities: Central Park does have public bathrooms out closer to the parking lot. The park is pretty big featuring a large pavilion, grassy hills and fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, and a paved walking path (There may be more then just these things but I have yet to discover)

Ages: All ages, there is something for everyone here !


KIDS CASTLE : the Kids Castle playground area is very unique and pretty inspiring. The Castle it’s self is 8 stories high ! My almost two year old and husband were able to make it up and all things considering it is a safe structure for the younger ones as long as they have some supervision. Surrounding the castle there are swing-sets, and smaller play areas to accommodate the younger crowd. I almost always have a problem trying to keep my toddler on the age appropriate equipment but here she was not bored at all  ! Another wonderful feature is a handicapped friendly swing.

Additional Info: There are not many shady places inside the Kids Castle play area , on a sunny day it can really get hot ! Please remember extra sunscreen, hats, water etc. Shade is one of the reasons I almost always bring my stroller ( at least the girls can be out of the sun while they snack or eat lunch). I would also recommend skipping the sandals at the playground. Some areas are wood chips while others are sandy.


Regretfully I did not take pictures of the smaller areas but trust me when I say they are wonderfully creative and really inspire some imaginative play.