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Temple Playground

20 Jul

So I have to admit, when my husband mentioned an old playground behind the Temple Fire Company I was a bit skeptical but I am so glad we decided to follow his intuition !


Location: The Temple Playground is at the intersection of 10th and Euclid Ave in Temple Pa. It can also be accessed by turning into the Temple Fire Company and following 10th ave to the park. The Muhlenburg Rail Trail also runs behind the park.

Accessibility: This park is accessible to everyone. The entrance is paved, while the areas under the play equipment have wood chips. The park is not a far walk from any of the available walking (I didn’t even need my stroller ! )




Amenities: Temple Playground features new play equipment ! There is a smaller toddler area with baby swings. The main playground area has a rock climbing wall, slide etc. The swings also feature a swing seat for handicapped children. The park is well maintained with a pavilion (that also features an indoor room for rental), basketball courts, a small creek and a portable bathroom



Ages: as with most playgrounds I would say the equipment is ment for walkers on up. The smaller area is great for little ones just learning their way around steps and slides.


This is a great park and playground if your looking for that outdoor feel close to all the hustle and bustle. I’m very excited to say that this will be a new playground stop while we are out running errands in the 5th street highway area !



Stoudts Ferry Bridge Road Playground

20 Jun

Today, despite the heat we decided to vist the Stoudts Ferry Bridge Road Playgroud located just past the intersections of Tuckerton and Stoudts Ferry Bridge Road in Muhlenburg.

The playground features some new playground equimpment and some unique pieces. It really has something for every age group. The ground underneath the equipment is wood chips so I would recommend sneakers!