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Radio 104.5 Summer Block Party

29 Jul

I really always wanted to tote my babies along to some music events I just never actually thought we could pull it off ! Guess what ? We did it ! My husband and myself love music and the festival atmosphere. When we looked into the details of the 104.5 Summer Block Parties and saw all ages with an early start time… we decided to give it shot…

Location: The Piazza at Schmidts: 1050 North Hancock Street  Philadelphia, PA 19123

Accessibility: The venue was fairly easy to find (just follow the other people). We actually decided to bring the stroller (surprise surprize) but it  served us well at this venue and because of the plastic rain cover we have the girls stayed dry !. There were really no steps and everything was handicapped or stroller accessible.


  • Parking was not too terrible, we didn’t pay, and parked in the upper level of the superfresh parking lot that is across the street from the venue. There is an elevator in superfresh when you enter look to the left. As always there were parking lots looking for $ and some on street parking. I would seriously suggest checking the parking garage 1st.
  • Within the venue there are some vendors set up selling jewelry, clothes, drinks etc. The businesses surrounding vary from a 24hour diner, a coffee shop, gallery, recording studio etc. They are all accessable from the concert.
  • There are bathrooms located within the stores and shops

Ages: It really was all ages ! of course the normal concert atmosphere did exist but it was in the area that was closer to the stage. From about the halfway point and further back there were some people standing, others sitting in lawn chairs and even some like us with their kids ! babies, toddlers, children, adolescents.

Additional information: Going to a concert with my whole family is something that I dreamed about before I became a parent. Once I had the girls I just wasn’t sure it was the right thing, or the expected thing ( damn those expectations). While I cannot speak for all concerts I can say that the radio 104.5 concert series was a wonderful experience for my family and we plan to attend in the future !


Temple Playground

20 Jul

So I have to admit, when my husband mentioned an old playground behind the Temple Fire Company I was a bit skeptical but I am so glad we decided to follow his intuition !


Location: The Temple Playground is at the intersection of 10th and Euclid Ave in Temple Pa. It can also be accessed by turning into the Temple Fire Company and following 10th ave to the park. The Muhlenburg Rail Trail also runs behind the park.

Accessibility: This park is accessible to everyone. The entrance is paved, while the areas under the play equipment have wood chips. The park is not a far walk from any of the available walking (I didn’t even need my stroller ! )




Amenities: Temple Playground features new play equipment ! There is a smaller toddler area with baby swings. The main playground area has a rock climbing wall, slide etc. The swings also feature a swing seat for handicapped children. The park is well maintained with a pavilion (that also features an indoor room for rental), basketball courts, a small creek and a portable bathroom



Ages: as with most playgrounds I would say the equipment is ment for walkers on up. The smaller area is great for little ones just learning their way around steps and slides.


This is a great park and playground if your looking for that outdoor feel close to all the hustle and bustle. I’m very excited to say that this will be a new playground stop while we are out running errands in the 5th street highway area !


Kids Castle – Central Park

17 Jul

Being that my parents live on the border of Bucks and Montgomery counties we frequently find ourselves making some park stops in these areas. While I know this park is not in Berks county, I also know that many parents find themselves in surrounding counties with their children.

Location: 425 Wells Road Doylestown, PA 18901 ~ The first time we visited I thought that we were lost, the roads can be somewhat twisty and turny. When you first pull in you will see a parking lot and a smaller playground with the castle in the distance.


Accessibility: Strollers, wagons, bikes pretty much anything with wheels. The walking path is paved and you can even get your stroller into the kids castle area so that all of your things are nearby.

Amenities: Central Park does have public bathrooms out closer to the parking lot. The park is pretty big featuring a large pavilion, grassy hills and fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, and a paved walking path (There may be more then just these things but I have yet to discover)

Ages: All ages, there is something for everyone here !


KIDS CASTLE : the Kids Castle playground area is very unique and pretty inspiring. The Castle it’s self is 8 stories high ! My almost two year old and husband were able to make it up and all things considering it is a safe structure for the younger ones as long as they have some supervision. Surrounding the castle there are swing-sets, and smaller play areas to accommodate the younger crowd. I almost always have a problem trying to keep my toddler on the age appropriate equipment but here she was not bored at all  ! Another wonderful feature is a handicapped friendly swing.

Additional Info: There are not many shady places inside the Kids Castle play area , on a sunny day it can really get hot ! Please remember extra sunscreen, hats, water etc. Shade is one of the reasons I almost always bring my stroller ( at least the girls can be out of the sun while they snack or eat lunch). I would also recommend skipping the sandals at the playground. Some areas are wood chips while others are sandy.


Regretfully I did not take pictures of the smaller areas but trust me when I say they are wonderfully creative and really inspire some imaginative play.

City Park ~ Bandshell Concert Series

14 Jul

As many of you know last night was the first night of the Bandshell Concert Series located at City Park in Reading PA. Being a free, family oriented event we decided to make the short drive.

Location: City Park- Hill Rd & Constitution Way, Reading, PA 19602. You will see a giant band-shell !

Accessibility: Strollers, wagons, baby carriers or whatever floats your boat ! Parking is on either side of the roads surrounding the park, while it may be difficult to find a spot if you arrive later then 6:30pm for a 7pm concert, no one really has to park more then a block or two away. The Bandshell area is located on a grassy incline with a paved path around the outside. No matter where you are in the park you will have a view of the bandshell !


Ages: this is definitely an all ages event. The majority of the people who were in attendance were either retirement age or younger couples with small children. The music and environment was much more fun then expected.


Amenities: The Bandshell concert series features a number of different food and drink vendors that are located towards the back of the park. They also have trash/recycling throughout the park and portable bathrooms (at least for the concert series).


Additional info: I would strongly suggest bringing chairs or blankets to sit on ! There is also a moat…yes I said moat ! that surrounds the bandshell. If you are sitting down in front ( where there are many people dancing) please be aware that there is water there and if your child is like mine they will be gunning to get in !!!


Enjoying some french fries from Stephan’s Concessions !

While City Park is located in the City of Reading it feels like it is worlds away. The Bandshell Concert Series is a wonderful, free, family friendly event taking place on Friday nights at 7pm.



Rustic Park

12 Jul

Located in Birdsboro PA, Rustic Park is definatly one of my new favorite locations !

  • Location: 1314 Hay Creek Road Birdsboro PA. It can be a little tricky to find, follow the road over the train tracks and you will dead end into the gravel parking lot.
  • Accessibility: Most strollers/wagons should work on the gravel trail and grassy areas. There are no steps, with the exception being the slope of the low bank that runs along side the creek.
  • Ages: all ages they really have something for everyone !
  • Attire: I would suggest to dress for the weather with a spare change of clothes ! The creek that runs along side the park is great for wading and very clean. There are lots of stones and rocks so water shoes or something of the like are highly recommended !
  • Amenities: there are 4 pavilions at rustic park which I believe all have a grill. They are medium sized and are available to rent through bridsboro parks and recreation ( you do not have to be a resident) The bathrooms are accessible by key only !!! which means there are no public restrooms at this park unless you are renting a pavilion.
  • Busy Times: there is a playground program during the summer at this park. The program utilizes the last pavilion and the play equipment that is at the end of the path.

The park runs along side of Hay Creek which seems to be well maintained and in my opinion was the highlight of our day trip. My husband and myself were able to take our two daughters 22mo and 10mo into the water. It was very clean and had a low bank on the side with the park.


Unlike many other parks/playgrounds we have visited, Rustic park features play equipment and swings spread out along a gravel path . Some of the play areas are more shaded then others but we still had fun on a hot day !



Rustic park is a wonderful, quiet location that is truly tucked away and available to those who are willing to seek out some of the areas natural treasures.